Zillah, Washington's Premier Orchard Removal Services

The Ziemke's Farm team handles the whole turnkey operation

Zillah, Washington’s Ziemke’s Farm knows how difficult clearing your land for next year’s crop can be. That’s why we provide the services to local farmers! Our experienced team has the ability to push, pile, and burn as needed. We have all the necessary equipment to get the job done efficiently and effectively. Your land will be cleared and prepared for planting in no time when you rely on Ziemke’s Farm!

Learn more about our orchard removal services by getting in touch with Ziemke’s Farm.

Effectively prepare for planting with Ziemke’s Farm

If you lack the ability or the equipment to clear your farm’s land for crops, Ziemke’s Farm will be there for you. Our team offers orchard removal, ripping and disking as well as push, pile, and burn. We will:

  • Push, pile and burn old trees
  • Ripping with 36 inch shanks
  • Disking and rototilling for final preparation

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