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Ziemke’s Farm of Zillah grows produce on our local farm and sells it to independent sellers. Click or call to learn more about our seasonal offerings and wholesale produce distribution.

Farm Fresh Produce

Almost all of Ziemke’s Farm’s produce is picked and shipped within a day. Find the retailer nearest you by reaching out to our team today!

Orchard Removal

Need a hand removing dead trees from your farm? Ziemke’s Farm offers orchard removal services.

Welcome to Ziemke's Farm

Don’t Settle for Subpar Produce in Zillah, Washington, contact us today!

In an age devoted to getting food fast, it’s becoming more and more difficult to acquire quality organic produce. Ziemke’s Farm can fix that. Our family-owned and operated farm sells a wide range of wholesale produce to independent grocery stores and produce stands. We grow, pack and deliver all of our produce straight from the farm! You’ll marvel over our fresh selection and love getting your food straight from the ground.

You can visit our farm to purchase your produce or pick up a pallet from one of our local partners. Call Ziemke’s Farm at 509-379-1166 to learn more about where you can buy our produce.

Buy quality seasonal produce in Zillah, Washington

Ziemke’s Farm makes sure that produce is grown the way Mother Nature intended. Our 200-acre farm focuses on seasonal produce like:

You’ll find all of the above and more at our farm or one of our local independent sellers! Get in touch with Ziemke’s Farm to see what we’re growing today.

Orchard removal services in Zillah, WA

Ziemke's Farm's is Zillah, Washington's premier provider of orchard removal services for local farmers preparing for their new crops! Our experienced team and equipment will rip out old trees and plants for you to make your land ready. We’ll employ the push, pile and burn technique to make sure that no unwanted plants are left behind. You’ll be free of last year’s plants within 30 days when our farmers are on the job.

Learn more about our orchard removal services by contacting Ziemke’s Farm.

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